SpamDragon Spam Filter
Corporate Spam Bocker to filter for MS Exchangeand any mail server

Corporate Spam Blocker

Cost Effective Corporate Spam Filtering

SpamDragon™ is an anti-spam service of Net2Atlanta.  It filters around 99% of incoming spam so your employees see only legitimate business mail, not UCE (unsolicited commercial mail).

You pay good money for your Internet bandwidth, mail server and your employees' time and attention.  Spammers steal your bandwidth, server resources, and employee productivity.  Even looking through a spam folder is a waste of time and disk space.

SpamDragon™ stops the theft by filtering spam at the ISP level, upstream of our customers, before spam uses any customer bandwidth.  This spam filter stops UCE before it eats bandwidth or disk space.  And we manage it so your employees don't waste time sifting through piles of drug, enhancement and get rich quick schemes.

This is an aggressive spam filter, appropriate for corporate users and mail servers, not home users.

SpamDragon™ stops spam at the network level with multiple layers of defense.  We use published RBL blacklists first to reject known troublemakers.  We check SPF records, RFC compliance, and content using keywords, heuristics and Bayesian statistical analysis.  We use a checksum service to benefit from other ISP's filtering also.  Mail sent out through SpamDragon™ automatically whitelists the recipient.  The filters are managed daily by a human to tune, enhance and react to new techniques by spammers.  Our anti-spam techniques and filters have been honed over 6 years of tuning, so you can be sure of the maximum spam reduction and a very low false positive rate.

The SpamDragon™ is even more effective because it gets fed so well!  ISP level filtering means that the SpamDragon™ has more samples to work with, making it far more effective at blocking spam than a single user or company level spam filter.

We apply SpamDragon™ spam blocking to our own mailservers, but is is even more valuable to companies with their own mail servers.  This spam filter works with any mail server including Microsoft Exchange, Groupwise, Lotus Notes.  By filtering UCE at the ISP level, spammers aren't able to steal your bandwidth, drive space and processor power.  Spam is theft!

Click here for more reasons to use the SpamDragon™ spam filter.

It only takes a few minutes to set your domain up for SpamDragon™ spam filtering.

Contact us now by e-mail or call 678-560-8076 and we can stop spam from wasting your resources now!


Why, you might ask, is unwanted e-mail called "spam"?
This Monty Python video is the origin of the use of "spam" for unwanted commercial e-mail (UCE).







Effective e-mail spam filter by an Atlanta ISP.  Stop spam with our SpamDragon spam filter system. Works with your mail server

The best spam blocker.  Filter Exchange Server spam free, block spam for everyone!

Reasons to use Net2Atlanta's SpamDragon™ Spam Filter:

  • Spam wastes company time.  People have more productive things to do than wade through a spam filled mailbox.
  • Porn spam may open your company to legal liability.
  • Spam may carry viruses & worms.  SpamDragon™ filters out illegitimate mail AND scans for virus... before it reaches your server.
  • Filtering at the ISP level saves your bandwidth and disk space and stops spam before it enters your pipeline.
  • SpamDragon™ blocks spam with a 5 layer process.
  • ISP level filtering means more samples of keywords and a more effective spam blocker.
  • We have implemented SPF and so should you.  We can help.
  • SpamDragon™ can be set to allow certain addresses if a desired sender is grouped with spammers
  • We maintain SpamDragon™ so you don't waste your time maintaining lists or looking through suspected spam.
  • SpamDragon™ works with your mail-server or ours.  It's platform independent & works with MS Exchange and any other mail-server.
  • SpamDragon™ is more cost effective than other services like Postini.
  • Spam is only getting worse.  Everybody needs a spam blocker.
  • Spammers use your bandwidth, drive space and time against your will.  Spam is theft!